Whenever Sailability boats are involved in a come & try day the following issues need to be addressed:

1. Each participant (everyone using the boats) is required to pay $3 for insurance. A list of names should be taken and the money sent to the treasurer of Sailability NSW. (Paul Tayler, 152 Victoria Rd, Punchbowl, 2196)

2. Any additional fees, expenses etc are a matter for your group to decide.

3. A manned safety craft MUST be available at the venue and patrolling the sailing area AT ALL TIMES. The safety boat driver must hold a current MSB boat licence. This would be your organisation's responsibility and is a requirement before any sailing can take place. Sorry if this sounds officious, but safety is of utmost importance to Sailability.

4. Participants who have sensory or mobility problems should wear long pants and have their feet covered (even with socks) to avoid damage through bumping, scraping and rubbing of the legs and feet.

5. Your organisation should supply block-out for all participants.

6. Lifejackets need to be worn by all participants as well as personnel in the safety boat. It is the responsibility of your organisation to supply adequate man-power to get people in and out of boats, assist moving boats around, rigging etc. If no pontoon is available at least two people will need to be in waist deep water to lift centreboards up and down.

Should your organisation decide that you would like to offer sailing to your clients on a regular basis I would suggest that you consider forming a branch of Sailability. There are many reasons for this - off the top of my head some are:

1. Sailability has a very reasonably priced insurance policy in place, designed specifically for our organisation. Most insurance policies exclude water activities.

2. Sailability promotes full community integration and therefore offers the sport of sailing to people with disabilities, their families, their friends and carers.

3. We have a large support system in place including Safety and Volunteer Co-ordinators Manuals; Disability Awareness information; a full administration system to ensure that adequate information is collected to satisfy insurance requirements.

4. Service clubs (eg Rotary, Lions, Sporting Clubs) have been very supportive to Sailability branches around NSW by way of donating fleets of boats, lifejackets. Government institutions eg. local councils and Dept of Sport & Rec assist by providing funding for capital works projects eg. disabled toilets, ramps etc.

5. Regional, State and National Championships are held. Competitors may be disabled or able bodied. Sailability is probably the only organisation where people are able to compete together "on an even keel".

6. Sailability NSW is a member of the NSW Sports Council for the Disabled, the Yachting Association of NSW and the Boating Industry Association of NSW.

7. We have tax deductibility on donations and sales tax exemption on certain purchases.